Kerala Tourism brings alive the monsoon magic to the web world through gestures

In a novel concept to bring alive the beauty, the magic and above all the nostalgia of the monsoons of Kerala to those who miss it, the Kerala Tourism Board has brought alive the monsoon experience to the desktop of millions of global netizens all around the world through the state of the art gesture recognition […]

Kerala monsoon at its best

This year Kerala experienced a bountiful monsoon that is 50% more than the average rainfall, which has left most of its dams full to the brim and its hinterlands green and fresh. While for an ordinary Malayalee , it would ultimately mean a power cut free season ahead:) Here are some images captured by Tijo […]

Monsoon tourists flock to Kerala

As Kerala soaks up a bountiful monsoon this year, which recorded 50% surplus rainfall this monsoon season so far, has been getting a steady stream of tourists from within and outside the country. Though bad roads and the winding traffic have always been reasons of worry during the rains, tourists seem to have  put aside […]

Monsoon hits the Kerala coast on time

The monsoon dates that coincide with the school reopening in Kerala has always been a delightful experience for every Malayalee. As the much expected South West monsoons lashed the Kerala Coast bang on target on June 1st, it brought cheer to not just the fun loving kids but also to the general public and the […]

The Sholto effect!!

rain photo by sooraj

You’d have heard of the Raman effect. But from us at Karmakerala, here’s something new, the ‘Sholto Effect’!! Scene 1-Yesterday eveningIt’s a pleasant evening; we’re all having a group chat on Skype, all of us at Karmakerala and as I prepare to leave office, Sholto’s chat takes a new turn. Well, rather than explaining what […]

Celebrating the rainy season with Wayanad monsoon carnival

A monsoon carnival was organised in the Wayanad district in Kerala during the first two weeks of July to promote monsoon tourism and to soak up the mood of the rains. Aptly named “Splash”, this carnival which took place at the  Chandragiri Auditorium in Kalpetta included an array of interesting indoor and outdoor events like […]

Team Karma Kerala shares its monsoon experiences

Monsoon is the the most beautiful and romantic season in Kerala. Though global warming and the destructive trails left by man have seriously destroyed the natural rhythm of the monsoons , Kerala has been lucky to have experienced a timely and normal monsoon spell so far,this year. Karma Kerala takes pleasure in sharing our monsoon […]

Be right on top of the world at Ramakalmedu

Welcome to the windswept corridor of nature at Ramakalmedu, the best place on earth to experience the mood changes of nature. Pamper yourselves with the soothing touch of the faint breeze at one moment and get ready to get swept off by the strong winds the next. Ramkalmedu is unpredictable and diverse, which makes it […]

Pics that should make you sit up and think…

These are not just photographs that capture the Kerala landscape on a rainy morning. These are pictures that should make you sit up and think… Thoughts that flash across my mind: *Such vast farmlands and we are forced to buy rice brought in from neighbouring states, packaged and sometimes even adulterated and coloured, sold to […]