The changing rain spectacles

Gone are the days when the croaking sounds of frogs were always associated with the rains in Kerala , simply  because these days we hardly see any frogs around. Rains and frogs share a close relation. An amphibian, which also breathes through its moist skin, frog needs water for its survival and this could be […]

The rain tales continue

The rain woes in Kerala continue to hit the headlines day in and day out with many people succumbing to fever and other diseases, which was dealt upon in an earlier blog in this space a few days back.  As pointed out in that  blog, all these chaos are only  man made and is not […]

Want to live longer?

Now, what I am going to reveal you is a ‘public secret’. If you are a person who wants to live more and that too with good health, you have only one option – choose to live in the countryside. This is based on a recent research conducted in London by Office for National Statistics […]

Little Drops Make an Ocean!

The unexpected early onset of South West monsoon and the rains set off by the depression in Bay of Bengal, last week  was a reason to celebrate for everyone in Kerala. From the banter sessions  in village tea stalls to the social network sites like twitter and facebook, the common thread of conversation has been […]

A post without a title… From Karmakerala, with love!

Shyama, my colleague, wants me to write out a post….. Now, what shall I write? Confusion indeed… It’s been cloudy since yesterday, with rains lashing out now and then. It’s a relief, from the scorching summer heat, but I’m feeling terribly sleepy. If given a chance, I’d simply shirk work and go have a nice […]

A day out in the Summer rains

I love summer showers, so do many others but there could be  some who prefer to turn a nelson’s eye to nature and its bounties. At least that is what I could find on the highways of Kerala on a day out in the rain, a few days back! The sensuous smell of fresh rain […]

A wake up call that fell silent in the city bustle!!

It is official. The biggest causative agents  for global warming all over the world  are industrial and auto emissions.  The situation is no different in Kerala as well. Kochi, the business hub of this state is infamous for its staggering number of vehicles that push through the bad roads, causing terrible traffic congestion and emissions. […]

Global warming starts at our door steps- but who cares?

With the soaring temperatures coupled with the sun burn scare reports hitting the headlines in almost all the newspapers, Kerala is trying to come in terms with the harsh reality that their land will never be the same. Though the rising temperatures in the Arabian Sea along with the green house effect has a major […]

Sleepless nights- the bane of city life!

The mercury is soaring  and there is no sign of the well anticipated and customary summer showers that   were once unique to Kerala weather. Blame it on global warming or the disappearing green cover over Kochi , but the bottom line reads that  life is not going to be easy in cities in the days […]

Big B’s take on the air conditioned ‘Mundu’ after he visits Kerala

Amitabh Bachchan was in Kochi to inaugurate Oscar-winner Resul Pookutty’s foundation to help the poor. The Big B not only made a donation but also seemed to have enjoyed himself in Kerala. He seemed to have taken a fancy to the Kerala attire ‘mundu’ and has waxed lyrical on his blog. Here’s the bit about […]