Elephant Torture Exposed in Kerala

An expose in the British newspaper the Daily Mail (more widely known for its right-wing attitude towards just about anything) which is one of the most widely read newspapers in the UK has published a dramatic and heart-rending journalistic piece on the way elephants are treated in Kerala. Whilst some Carolines may complain that this […]

Saving the Forest, One Woman at a time

At a time when dog lovers are accusing Kerala of culling or at least threatening to cull the state’s stray dogs, it’s nice to know that for some of Kerala’s inhabitants, looking after the environment takes precedence even over their own welfare. Since 2002 a group of women living in villages on the edges of […]

Periyar Tiger Reserve to Come under Transparency Plans!

Kerala Forest Department introduces a new system to bring transparency in issuing tickets for various tourism packages at Periyar Tiger Reserve (PTR). Under the new plans, the boating facility comes on top. The new system makes it possible to check the tickets of every individual by verifying the identity cards at various points. This is […]

Pitcher Plants = A Mosquito-Free Cochin?

Dream of a Mosquito-free Cochin! Will there be a time? Perhaps, the Pitcher plant- ‘the meat eating plant’ can free Kochi from Mosquitoes to some extent. Only thing is that every house in the district should grow this plant. Nothing excites more awe and suspense than seeing a Pitcher Plant with your own eyes. With […]

Butterfly park in Kerala chosen by Japanese research centre for studies

The Butterfly Park in Thumburmuzhi near Chalakudy river in Kerala has been selected by National Institute of Agro-biological Sciences, a premier research institute in Japan to conduct a detailed research on the butterfly species in India. Located at the foothills of the Western Ghats, this butterfly park has over 180 different species of butterflies. The […]

Control of Rutting Elephants Proposed…

Rutting elephants are a menace to the mankind, especially in Kerala during temple festivals. It takes time to control such elephants. Some times it takes hours as the skilled vetinarian has to come often from distant place and meanwhile the elephant might have caused immense lose to the properties and lives. Henry of Kottarakkara in […]

The UNESCO lists 20 Western Ghats heritage destinations in Kerala

The UNESCO has listed a total of 39 heritage spots all along the Western Ghats, of which Kerala takes credit to as many as 20 UNESCO heritage destinations, making Kerala an important eco sensitive destination. The decision to include the Western Ghats among the world heritage sites was taken in the World heritage meeting that […]

Kerala to initiate microchipping Marayur sandalwood trees to prevent thefts

Kerala might initiate microchipping the sandal trees in the natural sandal wood forests at Marayur- the only one of its type in the State. The  Forest Minister KB Ganesh Kumar informed the state assembly of the innovative plans that are being formulated to insert microchips in sandalwood trees at Marayur, to prevent wide spread plunder […]

Bhoothathankettu to be declared as the first adventure tourism site in Kochi

Bhoothathankettu dam site will be soon developed into the first adventure tourism spot in Ernakulam  district. Plans are afoot to develop it into a perfect outdoor tourist destination with an aim to attract the youth for camping experiences and adventure sports. According to the district tourism promotion council, the project will be targetting techies mostly […]

Parunthumpara- an unexplored trekking destination

Welcome to Parunthumpara, a virtually unexplored trekker’s haven, near Peerumade where you can chill out , indulge in a spell of adventure sports or soak up the breath taking views of the endless grass lands and valleys beneath. A perfect choice for family holidays and fun seekers alike, Parunthumpara is a hill station of considerable […]