The tiger census – From despair to hope

It is celebration time for tiger enthusiasts in Kerala as the successful tiger conservation efforts have made Kerala one of the three states that has the greatest tiger density in the world. According to the latest tiger census India’s wild tiger population has grown by 12 per cent in the last four years, which put […]

Elephant to be declared national heritage animal

Elephants enjoy a special place in the profile of Kerala, a state that takes pride in its substantial elephant population in the wild. It is an inseparable part of all Kerala temple festivals and are revered though the living conditions and treatment meted out by the elephant owners are often often ghastly and disheartening. Often […]

A fascinating weekend trip to Hill Palace, Tripunithura

Recently I went on a weekend visit to the Hill Palace Museum in Tripunithura which lies about 12 Km from Ernakulam. It was really enjoyable and mind-blowing when you are with a group of friends who are ready to enjoy to the maximum. We five explored the nook and corners of the Palace, buildings close-by […]

Expansion plans on the anvil for Periyar Tiger Reserve

Periyar tiger Reserve in Thekkady, Kerala is one of the best managed tiger reserves in India that  needs no formal introduction as a popular tourist destination for nature enthusiasts. The rich bio diversity and wild life and the pristine beauty of the area, which spreads over an area of 777 sq km attracts scores of […]

Eco Project at Gavi to woo more tourists to Kerala

The Eco Toursim Project launched at Gavi by Kerala Forest Department, is an added advantage to the Kerala‘s tourism sector. The project is sure to draw more tourists, especially from European countries. It is mainly intended at nature lovers and adventure tourists. Gavi Eco Tourism package include elephant safaris and trekking in the deep jungles […]

Tiger Trails – Following the latest pug marks!

Well, going by the latest inputs from the tiger conservation front, things are showing a slight positive turn in Kerala🙂 We saw a couple of  encouraging snippets compiled by the news desks in the last few weeks, much to the delight and relief of the wild life enthusiasts! The first one in this regard has […]

Tiger Tourism to End in India

India’s environment ministry has ordered local states to wind down tourism in the core areas of India’s Tiger reserves as fears that the noise and disruption of tiger tourism is undermining the health and long term survival. With numbers of Tigers in India ranging from 1500 to 800 in the wild, it is clear that […]

Saving the Stripes- When a live tiger becomes more valuable than its carcass!

Tiger conservation in Kerala needs much more concerted efforts and a strong will to make sure that the national animal of India roar again in the jungles! It can happen only when a live tiger becomes  far more precious than its carcass. It goes without saying that a massive project of this dimension can succeed […]

The Tiger trails continue…..

To ensure the survival of tigers in the wild, the Kerala State and Indian Government should make stringent laws and punishment that would be   deterrent to the wrong doers. Though the recent amendments have provision for as much as 75 lakh fine and 10 years of rigorous imprisonment for killing a tiger, many loop holes […]

Tiger tales- A follow up

This is a run through of the earlier tiger blogs posted a few days back by our team at Karmakerala to express the anguish , concern and the frustration at the way things were shaping up in the Tiger conservation front. India has been the home of this majestic animal since time immemorial when these […]