Looks like there is some hope left for the 1411 Tigers remaining!

The inauguration of the Parambikulam Tiger Reserve at Anappadi in Palakkad district on 20th February is some glad news for those who have been striving to make a difference and voice their opinion in the “Save Our Tigers” campaign launched by Aircel. Well now, this shows that Kerala does really care and is solid proof […]

The Tiger – A magnificent animal needs your help!

The country is being urged to support the magnificent tiger our national animal which is now just 1411 in number. A dismal number when once the jungles of India were full of them, sending shivers down a human’s spine if he were to go to the jungle for firewood. Yes the Tiger was the lord […]

Sabarimala – The centre of faith and devotion

Like every year the doors of the famous temple Sabarimala were once again open for two months for the pilgrims. Being a devotee of Lord Ayyappa I was also one among those millions of  pilgrims waiting to get a glimpse of Lord Ayyappa. The temple gets thronged with devotees especially during the main pilgrim season […]

Barn Owls in Cochin

Barn owls are, the world over, highly endangered. Their secretive and shy character makes the encroaching of humans especially problematic. Being shy, they are rarely seen and all the more valuable. The recession is also threatening them as they figure in a ritual sacrifice whose sacrificiants believe will make them more prosperous. The Kerala forestry […]