Want to live longer?

Now, what I am going to reveal you is a ‘public secret’. If you are a person who wants to live more and that too with good health, you have only one option – choose to live in the countryside. This is based on a recent research conducted in London by Office for National Statistics […]

A post without a title… From Karmakerala, with love!

Shyama, my colleague, wants me to write out a post….. Now, what shall I write? Confusion indeed… It’s been cloudy since yesterday, with rains lashing out now and then. It’s a relief, from the scorching summer heat, but I’m feeling terribly sleepy. If given a chance, I’d simply shirk work and go have a nice […]

"Where are you from?"

Answering a question about my hometown “Where are you from?” – This is one of the many questions I have faced repeatedly in my life and have answered. If  I feel that the querier is not a person whom I should answer sincerely, then I will say “Kannur“, even though I am from Kasargod (because […]

The sacred groves of Kerala to be protected by the Forest Dept

In the olden days, almost all Kerala homesteads had sacred groves dedicated to the serpent Gods and goddesses. The fear of the unknown and religious beliefs ensured the thriving of these green spots, which were rich in a variety of flora and fauna. Home to many rare and unique plants and trees of Kerala, these […]

Shop at the floating mall at Kuttanad!

After the floating cafes and restaurants, a mall that floats is the latest addition to the speckled life along the backwaters. A huge hit among the tourists and a handy shop at their doorsteps for the local community where they can replenish their daily ration, this shopping mall run by the state government agency of […]

Break the Rules!

6 months earlier, I had been in the same railway station on the same platform on my way to Kochi, when I noticed blood and flesh on the tracks. A policeman updated me that a train ran over a woman who was trying to cross the tracks. She was not able to climb the platform […]

Keeping Chickens Safe

Every villager knows that small chicks are at risk from all sorts of predators – especially fish eagles who swoop down and carry them away. Just keeping track of them in the garden is hard unless you paint them bright colours. Nowadays, many villagers cannot be bothered keeping chickens, but if you see small chicks […]