It is another bus day in Cochin

As global warming is spiraling out of control to hit the highest levels in recent times and glaciers fast turning into lakes, earth is at a crisis. It is now or never for us to take urgent measures  to even off the ill effects of this man made disaster.  The exponential growth in the number […]

Ladies only buses prove a big hit

Kochi, being the business capital of Kerala accounts to a substantial population of working women . Travelling in the crowded city buses is a painful ordeal in itself for the thousands of women travelers especially those working in night shifts. Many a time the women passengers are harassed and bullied by men not only during […]

Getting caught between the hammer and the anvil!

The new generation is changing the conventional formulas of success including  a good night’s sleep and a wholesome meal that were thought to make people healthy and intelligent!  You would be surprised at the sheer multitude of  successful  professionals in the IT segment in Kerala who have perfectly adjusted  to the US  time zones. They […]

Kochi goes global as International Container Transshipment Terminal is inaugurated

Kochi has been placed in the elite league of maritime trading nations with the opening of the Vallarpadam International Container Transshipment Terminal, which was dedicated to the nation today. OEL  Dubai became the first cargo vessel to enter the Vallarpadam International Container Transshipment Terminal (ICTT)  to ink a new chapter in the global maritime trade.The […]

A police station that doubles up as a public library

Police station – the mere mention of it would bring images of gory detention cells, the grim faced policemen and the stony silence  beyond the huge walls that cut you off from the sounds and colors of the outside world. Not any more!  Step into this people friendly police station that would remind you of […]

Kerala lives on lottery, land deals and liquor

Kerala has one of the highest per capita incomes in India and its living standards, infant mortality rate and life span indexes are at par with some of the developed countries in the world. A majority of the Keralites drive the latest automobiles, flaunt the latest gizmos and don trendy  fashion wear. Even in villages […]

Kerala- A hub for different tourism sectors!

Tourism, tourism, tourism everywhere! Kerala is known for its tourism in different sectors. The alluring charm and the unique serenity have made Kerala one of the best tourism destinations. One can find people from different countries and locations visiting this charming state in order to explore the various tourism areas, which it is highly known […]

Running commentary on Karmakerala Onam!

As our Karmakerala office celebrates Onam with all PCs shut down or used as props for a large amount of flowers that are being readied for a giant Pookkalam at the entrance. The ceremonies start with the lighting of the lamp and good wishes all around. All the ladies are busy checking their set-mundu or […]

'Aye autokaari'- A slice of new Kerala life!

This afternoon on my way home for lunch I was pleasantly surprised when I waved towards an autorickshaw. Out popped a smiling face, bindi and all wearing Khaki uniform over her kurta-salwar. I was immediately curious about her life as an auto driver in Kochi and she assured me things were going very well! Meet Sumitra, […]

Kerala Strikes as America Recesses

From my perspective halfway between the USA and Kerala, you get a real feeling of how the world is changing. The US economy is in dire straits with a mere 58% of the working population in work. Last month unemployment grew by 600,000, the largest monthly growth recorded. Americans are facing the possibility of a […]