The End of Greenpeace

Kerala is in the middle of its own dog at war after it was announced, or supposedly announced that the Kerala State government was planning to cull up to 200,000 stray dogs. As you might imagine, animal rights campaigners were quickly up in arms and proposed a boycott Kerala campaign unless the state backed down. […]

Flickr User of the Month – Anoop Negi

Any casual browse of the flickr streams and groups on Kerala will quickly fasten on sets of beautiful images from an Indian photographer called Anoop Negi. Although you will find him wandering all over India with camera in hand (see his blog for lots of examples) and capturing all the arcana, whimsy and beauty of […]

Kerala Seaplane Operations to Commence after General Elections!

Kerala Seaplane

The Kerala seaplanes which faced opposition from the local fishermen community may restart its operations once the Lok Sabha elections are over. The panel that handles the seaplanes project is yet to finalise the report as it may affect the fishing activity of the local fishermen in the area. The seaplanes operations are expected to […]

And SAIP Means What?

At Karma Kerala, we aim to best advice our customers as to what to expect of the mustachioed Keralite. Unlike the rest of India where pesky vendors and beggars hound foreigners, Kerala stands apart! In fact, the locals tend to not interact unless approached to, first. Clearly, far more mysterious than anywhere else in India. This […]

Kochi City to have a Visa Office by France

Kochiites who dream of a visit to France or to study there can be happy with the French Ambassador, Francois Richier’s announcement to begin a visa office in the city, this year. The visa office will be followed by a French Campus Office in Kochi. This is expected to help students who want to do […]

Kerala Attracts Tourists with Election Tour Packages!

Kerala is setting a trend with special tour packages and offers during this hot election campaign period. Some of the Kerala tour operators have come up with special packages offering a close view of the elections to foreigners, who are not familiar with the noisy electioneering in the state. The foreigners get the opportunity to […]

Japan to Join hands with Kerala in IT and Tourism Sectors!

Japan is much taken up by Kerala initiatives and achievements in the IT and tourism sectors. Japan feels that IT and Tourism are the two engines of growth for the Kerala economy.  Japan is keenly looking forward to a joint venture with Kerala in these sectors. Japan considers expanding its operations in South India as […]

Wayanad to soon have a Hospitality Institute by KTDC

The Kerala Tourism Development Corporation (KTDC) has plans to shift its three courses in Food Production, House Keeping, and Food & Beverage Service to the new institute in Wayanad. These courses were previously offered at the Corporate Training Centre at the KTDC headquarters in Trivandrum. The institute will initially start functioning in three to four […]

Kerala Bags “Golden City Gate Award” for Great Backwaters Print Campaign!

Kerala has won yet more recognition in the communication of global tourism at ITB Berlin. The “Golden City Gate Award” is considered the Oscars of Tourism and, Kerala won it for its print campaign on the backwaters. This is the second major international award for Kerala Tourism Board after winning the United Nations World Trade Organization […]

“The Great Kerala Food Championship” – to promote Kerala Style cooking!

Kerala has made another leap towards promoting tourism. This time, the promotion is through traditional Kerala Cuisines and Kerala style cooking. The state has launched an international competition called ‘The Great Kerala Food Championship’ towards this goal.  The contest is aimed at promoting the uniqueness of Kerala cuisine and to invite an international experience. Those […]