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Monday, 15 July 2013

... it was truly romantic and of the top quality.

Paula Moughton July 2013

Did you enjoy your trip?
What made it so great?
The driver was so polite, at our service and very knowledgeable. He had an itinerary we could chose to follow, or not!
What was the highlight of the trip
The standard of the accommodation... it was truly romantic and of the top quality. Also, the tea plantations took my breath away.
Hotel Name
Blackberry Hills, Houseboat, Coconut Lagoon
How would you rate it?
5 star
Tell us more...
The houseboat - maybe would have been better to not stay overnight and just cruise the Coconut Lagoon and have an extra night there as it was so so beautiful and relaxing and they had a lot of activities we could have done given more time.
How would you rate our overall service?
What made it excellent
Great communication, flawless holiday.
How would you rate our response to your first enquiry?
Comments on our response.
Personal feedback and a quote immediately - most companies want to talk to you first and this takes more time. I was able to make a decision and start talking about the trip immediately.
How would you rate our service while you were in Kerala
Tell us more...
Tijo who arranged the trip met us briefly on the way to the airport. It was very nice to say hello, and thank you!
How would you rate your driver?
Tell us more...
Fantastic! Polite, always on time, he waiting when we were late and non-contactable, at our service entirely. He was very knowledgeable and his driving was very safe a comfortable.
About Kerala
If you had some Ayurveda, how did you rate the experience?
Tell us more...
Beautiful, enchanting and so romantic.
Did you enjoy the food in Kerala?

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