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A Pathetic Student Gains Collective Support

Gukul's Hardship

Gokul, 12, studying in 12th standard in Kayamkulam government high school hails from a poverty stricken family. His father and mother are no more. Father’s life sacrificed due to excess alcoholism and mother’s life was taken away by cancer. He has no own house and stays with his uncle, a casual worker, in a hut. As uncle is a sick person he can work only one or two days a week.

When his father died his class teacher Sosamma and few of her colleagues visited his house. The scene witnessed there penetrated to the hearts of Sosamma teacher. The body was lying in the bare ground of the small hut they live in. Not even a mat was there to lay the body. There was nothing in the hut except 2/3 mud pots. Sosamma teacher wondered how Gokul comes to the school without any absence. He comes to the school walking barefoot 4 km. During rainy days he goes to the school vet as he has neither an umbrella nor a rain coat. He used to starve days together and even then he disclosed his pathetic condition to none including his classmates. He silently accepted the fate.

Sosamma teacher discussed his pity state of condition with teachers and students in the school. Students in unison decided to get him a house as his own. Sosamma teacher contributed her one month salary to the house fund and other teachers as they can. All the students in the school numbering 2500 made small contributions. The house work is progressing and the students physically too help in the work.

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