A Poet’s Unfortunate Fate

Poverty is the subject of poor poet

Poverty is co-born with poet

Poverty is co-born with poet Pavithran Theekkuni. He is the recipient of a number of literary awards and publisher of 10 books of poetry written by him. One of his poems is on a subject of hunger in which he states ‘vishappinethanne vaarithinnu’ (grab and eat the hunger itself).

He is born in a poverty-stricken family and the poverty, it appears, is not willing to leave him. Till recently he had a daily wage job as a cinema projector operator of touring cinema in villages for about 18 months under Chalachitra Academy (film academy). In the starting his wage was rupees 200 a day which later rose to rupees 350. With this meager income he managed to pull on his family of four. This job’s life was only till last May early as the Academy stopped the program of touring cinema due to paucity of funds. Before that he earned a living as fish vender in Theekuni market which he was forced to abandon as he could not keep continuity because he had to leave for attending meetings and poetry reciting sessions frequently.

Presently he mixes cement with sand as a construction worker at Vadakara in Kozhikode district earning rupees 450 a day, but the job is only two or three days a week as and when Bengali workers who are less paid were absent or not available.

His school and college life was also punctured by dropout incidents many times due to poverty even after doing casual works during holidays and week ends.

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