A Tailor’s Blessing Hand

An alternative to silicons implants for poor women

A woman in Kerala undergone mastectomy had no alternative to using prosthetic products made of expensive silicone gels till R Appakutty of Thiruvananthapuram started stitching in skin-coloured cotton cloth in 1992. To get the required weight and softness he used chopped sponge mixed with beads. This product ensures correct balance for the patient.

Appakutty’s initiative to making breast alternative was at the instance of Dr Krishnan Nair, former Director of Regional Cancer Center at Thiruvananthapuram. Unless a breast alternative is used by a woman having undergone breast removal operation she may suffer from a balancing problem causing leaning to one side.

Before he embarked on breast alternative he was stitching surgical gowns, uniforms, towels, bed-sheets, masks, curtains, pillow covers etc in the RCC.

After his retirement from the service in RCC he continues making prosthetics for RCC as well as other hospitals in Kerala as service to the needy rather than for money.

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