A Temple of Surprises

A Temple of Surprises in Payyipad

The villagers of Payippad in Alappuzha district have countless experience of the divine powers of a Devi temple there and they say it is a store-house of surprises. A banyan tree there believed to have the presence of Devi always. Few years ago a branch of it was cut removed. The worker who did that work was contacted with an incurable disease. He now repents his action. Many villagers have got fulfilled their wishes by praying to the Devi.

In this temple (very small in size) located amidst a paddy field pooja (adoration) is performed by boys only which is the liking of Devi. The temple is generally known as children’s temple.

Once, a close relative of the boy priest died and he was under defilement which prohibits him entering the temple for15 days. None was available as a substitute for conducting pooja. The pooja got abandoned for15 days. During this period devotees, to their utter surprise, witnessed the oil lamps burning without any wicks or oil.

The pooja conducting boy has no even basic knowledge of pooja formalities and does what he thinks is right and with it the Devi is more than happy, the villagers testify.

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