Arrogance Of Daughter-In-Law

Wife runs everything and everybody

A daughter in law makes life a misery for the whole family with husband in the gulf.

Suresh, 45, is working in Gulf as a driver.  Back at home his family is made up of his aged father, mother, wife, two daughters and a son.  His wife, Usha controls the home administration.  Father-in-law and mother-in-law have been made practically her orderlies.  Mother-in-law is her set target to deplete her ire.  At times she becomes a Hitler on her.  The poor old lady is not allowed to see TV programs or use telephone.  When others see the TV program she is ordered to be in a separate room door closed.

The poor old lady in weeping mode complained of the arrogance to neighbours and her well-wishers.  They hardly could do anything as it is a family matter.  They advised her to approach her younger son staying in status in an 8 km distanced village.  She negated the suggestion for a reason.  Whenever she had told him of the harsh treatment she was exposed to, his reply was that he will not interfere in the matter.

Now the poor lady is hoping and waiting for salvation on the arrival of his second son from Gulf on leave scheduled shortly.  His under construction house is nearing completion and he is likely to celebrate home-warming soon.  She will be needed her as a company to his wife at home.

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