Dubious Act

A tale of alcohol taking over a life

Wilson at the prime of his age was an occasional alcohol drinker. Gradually his intake occasion increased.

Locally he was employed earning an unsatisfactory remuneration. He wanted to build up a secure life with Gulf money and managed to get a visa. There he could not stick more than one year. He returned with sharpening habit of alcohol drinking.

After wandering here and there with no employment he managed get into a Gulf State again. Predictably he came back within a year with the status of chronic alcoholic.

To sustain his drinking habit he had however no income. He invented a dubious method to have money for drinks. Approach someone known to him well and say one of his family members is in hospital and some cash needed was the method he adopted. Many times this modus operandi succeeded.

The other day he approached one saying his mother is in hospital and need some money immediately. The approached man bluntly told him that he does know mother is at home and money asking is for alcohol drink. Sorry, I have no money for alcohol, the man said. Wilson returned with bended head without looking to anybody’s face.

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