Frog Hunting

A Pastime of Adolescents.

Adolescent frog japes in Monsoon season...

Come monsoon, adolescents snatch a golden opportunity.  With the onset of monsoon frogs change their habitation camps from paddy fields to the shore.  They cry (or call their mates?) when dusk falls.  The volume of cry indicates species and size.  The more fleshed is the prey of adolescents.

The boys in group move with a petrol-max (now-a-days gas-light of petrol-max size) and a large gunny or polythene bag towards the spots where cries of frogs heard.  The spots are generally shores of paddy fields.  The hunters that are adolescents get out of their homes clandestinely or under some reasonable or believable pretence.  They cannot reveal the real motive as the elders in the family will not allow them to go out in the night, especially for frog-hunting.  In the light of petrol-max, the frogs involve in uncertain movement as the sharp light focuses on their eyes.  The hunters take the chance and trap them to the bag.  When 5 or 6 frogs are trapped to bag the boys return to mainland.

Reaching mainland they gather at a secluded place, mostly uninhibited compound and engage in killing and dressing the frogs.  After the dressing is over, a fuel-wood stove gets set in no time by arranging three stones or bricks.  Arrange dry coconut palm leaves as fuel quickly.  Meanwhile, they would have managed to get chilli power, turmeric powder and coconut oil as ingredients for frying.  They would have clandestinely brought the cooking vessel from their home.  After the cooking, they consume it then and there  and return to home as if nothing has happened.

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