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The impact of Gulf money on behaviour!

How Gulf famililes behave

A Wanton Mirth

The other day three housewives came together to a remote village vegetable store where this correspondent was present for some purpose.  All are from middle-class.  Out of three, the husbands of two are in UAE.  Third’s husband is a gazette officer in Kerala Government service and has handsome agriculture income.  The UAE-rated wives are returnees from the class-room of 10th standard as their hopes to sit in11th standard, were shattered on the walls of 10th standard public common examination.  The third, wife of gazette officer, is a post-graduate not opted for a job as per the wishes of husband.  She has six members present in the family – one school going boy and one college going girl plus father-in-law, mother-in-law and self.  In the case of UAE-rated, one has 4 – herself, one school going boy, father-in-law and mother-in-in-law and the other has 5 – herself, two school going girls, one college-going boy and mother-in-law present in the home.

The gazette officer’s wife bought 4 items, 500 grams each.  Out of the remaining two, one with 5 members in the family bought the same items one kilogram each plus one more item 1 kilogram.  The remaining one with 4 members in the family bought 1.5 kilograms each of the items bought by the 5-member family bought.

Soon after they left the shop, the vendor asked me whether I have observed their pattern of purchase.  Though I had, I said no.  Then he elaborated for the benefit of my knowledge.  This is the pattern of their purchase always.  The UAE-rated wives purchased all these items and quantities not for their actual use.  They wanted to be one up over the non-Gulfs.  Among the two Gulf-rates too there is vainglory and wants to be one up. This is explicit in the purchase of 4-member Gulf-rate wife.  Major portion of these items and quantities of Gulf-rates finds their place in kitchen waste basket.  The wife of gazette officer will come on a day after as the purchase made was for two days.  The two Gulf-rates too will accompany her and cast similar act, the vendor added. This is not an isolated case, the vendor explained, for all sorts of purchases the pattern is similar. 

The episode is just an example of the trend set among Gulf-rate families which are mostly in villages and the vendors of all sorts have lucrative business even in remote corners.

Thank Gulf, let money come.

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