Hoodwinking by babies

Toddlers in the sweet shop

Two toddlers take to crime in the village ...

An Un-malice Action.

Two female babies aged around 3 come to a provision store at about 5 in the afternoon.  The store used to sell sweets and chocolates which are displayed in glass-jars in a row over a big table.  When the babies stepped in, no-one else was present in the store except the owner.  The babies politely and childishly asked the store owner 4 sweets of 50 paise each.  Seeing nothing in the hands of both, he asked where is cash.  The little one among the two promptly said we forgot to take.  The owner does not know these babies belong to which home or homes.  He thought for a moment and considering their age and un-malice mind gave 4 sweets.  They stepped out of the verandah of the store and ripped open the covering and tossed to the mouth one each and slowly walked away.

After half an hour the owner of the store saw these babies passing by.  He called them.  When they came he asked where they are going to.  The little one promptly said Adutha Kadayilekku Mittayi Vangan (to next shop for buying sweets).  On hearing this he asked them which homes they belong to.  To this time too, the little one answered explaining the location of the homes.  All along, now and earlier, the elder baby remained silent.  The store owner said Okay go and buy.  The babies moved to the vegetable shop close-by where sweets too sold.  He over-heard the little baby asking 4 sweets of 50 paise each.  A college going girl who was in the shop to vend asked for the value.  The little of the babies gave a stereo-type reply “we forgot to take” as said in the first instance.  The shop-girl too does not know to which homes they belong.  She said I do not know you both and cannot give sweets without cash.  No sooner hearing this than both stepped out and ran.  The provision store man overheard all the conversations.  He called the babies in running, but did not stop, not even turned face back.  He laughed it off and exchanged with the vegetable vendor girl his experience half an hour ago.

Feel fun or intelligence of modern era babies.

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