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Love Delivers Fainting

Mobile Phone disappointment

A Love story of M Tech postgraduate girl for her mobile phone friend

An M Tech postgraduate girl aged 23 fainted on seeing for the first time her mobile phone lover. The Thiruvananthapuram resident girl who was in mobile phone love for about one year reached Koothuparambu in Kannur on the request of her lover who is a Koothuparambu resident.

A head-load worker noticed the girl loitering near the bus-stand in the morning. He smelt a rat and reported to the police who brought her to the police station. Police contacted her lover on the number given by the girl. The lover aged 67 and grey-haired reached the police station and on seeing him she fainted and broke down.

On police questioning the male lover said he had no love with her and that she was regularly calling him. Just for a fun he responded, he added.

The police called the parents of the girl and sent her with them to the home.

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