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Reward to Emulate a Liver-Donor’s Gesture

Reward to Emulate a Liver-Donor’s Gesture

Industrialist Kochaouseph Chittilapally of Thrissur rewarded Rs 5 lakh to Rainy Joy on Monday 16th July, the donor of a portion of her liver to her sister’s daughter Swathi Krishna, a Plus-Two student, to inspire people to emulate Rainy’s gesture.

Swathi Krishna’s liver was non functional due to severe attack of jaundice. She was in coma for 7 days prior to implanting liver portion.

About two years ago also Kochaouseph had shown his strong mind of gesture. He donated one of his kidneys to a needy poor lady as she was struggling between life and death following the failure of her both kidneys.

Kochaouseph is a staunch struggler against injustice and muscle-power. Quite recently when his factory workers started unloading materials from a truck in his factory premises the head-load workers from the nearby place claimed the right of unloading or else Nokkukooli (wage for simply looking on the work being done by others). The adamant head-load workers insisted for Nookukooli lest they will not allow the truck to leave the premises, they threatened. As Kouchaouseph was not willing to bow down to their threat he unloaded the entire materials himself. The Head-load Act provides a clause that owner can load or unload any material in his/her own premises.

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